Fike 3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid In Its Impulse Valve Technology Fire Suppression Systems

Fike Corporation, produsen dan distributor global produk keselamatan kebakaran industri, ledakan, dan pelepasan tekanan, kini menawarkan 3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid dalam sistem pemadam kebakaran teknologi katup impuls patennya. Sistem pemadam kebakaran Fike dengan teknologi katup impuls dirancang untuk meningkatkan presisi dan keandalan pelepasan agen ke zona berbahaya.

FIKE 3M Novec-1230

FIKE® Protecting Your Process With 3M™ Novec™ 1230

The Fike NOVEC™ 1230 system is armed and ready to eliminate any fire hazard at a moment’s notice. Its 500 psi operating pressure provides ultimate design flexibility and ensures that the necessary amount of agent reaches every corner of the protected space in under ten seconds, extinguishing a fire in its very earliest stages.

NOVEC™ 1230 extinguishing agent is ideal for protecting sensitive electronic equipment and irreplaceable items from fire and the damaging effects of fire sprinkler systems. It is electrically non-conductive, non-corrosive and leaves no residue behind after a system discharge. In addition to being safe for your local environment, NOVEC™ 1230 has a low impact on the global environment, with no ozone depleting potential and a global warming potential of one – the lowest of any chemical fire suppressant.

Fike’s NOVEC™ 1230 system is the only system available with Fike’s revolutionary impulse valve with rupture disc technology. The impulse valve and rupture disc provide an unrestricted path for agent flow during a discharge. This results in lower friction losses, longer pipe runs and smaller diameter pipe – all of which add up to higher performance at lower cost than competing systems.

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Fike NOVEC™ 1230 Fire Suppression System

Fike 3M™ NOVEC™ 1230 was developed to protect your most valuable, sensitive assets from the damaging effects of fire and water in a wide range of environments.


Equipped with an industry leading valve, the Fike NOVEC™ 1230 system utilizes Impulse valve technology allowing for a full, unrestricted opening upon discharge. This opening allows for a lower pressure system while allowing the agent to flow distances equivalent to those of higher pressure systems.


Longer flow distances – Because it operates at pressures 40% greater than a standard 360 psi system, the Fike system naturally has longer flow capabilities. This provides more design flexibility, including the option to locate the system further from the protected space.

Smaller footprint – Compared to a 725 psi system, Fike’s NOVEC™ 1230 system, with its larger container options, usually provides for a smaller overall footprint than a bank of 725 psi spun cylinders

Simplicity & Reliability – The Fike system does not use separate nitrogen and clean agent containers. Instead, each clean agent container is pressurized with nitrogen to 500 psi. This makes for a simpler system with fewer valves to maintain and fewer containers to refill after a discharge.

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